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Parilli goes with three scored

He is in the select list of the ten best in the statistics for earned runs

One of the most effective trainers in recent years in Venezuelan horse racing is Fernando Parilli, who, in general, is always included in the select list of the top ten in statistics for races won at the La Rinconada arena.

In fact, Parilli Araujo will be one of the trainers with a good chance of winning victories this week, despite the fact that he only has three games to saddle up on the only billboard in Caracas.

Parilli begins his work with the mare Osaka (2), preceded by good speed that will take part in the second test with the jockey Rafael Solano in the 1.200-meter course and crosses in good condition, and can be victorious on this occasion, so We should not dismiss it under any circumstances.

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Subsequently, the mare Aurora Austral (2) who will come out as the connoisseur's favorite in the second of the majority game, such as 5 and 6, will try to get out of the losing lot, based on her speed under the command of jockey Kelvin Aray , with a handicap of 52 kilos in the 1.100 meter section.

And lastly, Parilli will have the opportunity to saddle up Black Diva (8) in the event to lower the curtain, which will be played in a 1.300-meter shot and will be guided by professional jockey Adrián Castellanos, and with the option to decide the match .
So keep an eye on Parilli's troops.

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