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Paraguaná Park, quarry of great jockeys since 1965

The circuit is called from its origin Dr. Víctor Fuguet Cotis and is in Falcón

Sometimes, the provincial ovals are really the quarry for great riders who will shine in the future on the national ovals, since they serve as a school for new jockeys.
Possibly, in the history of the provincial ovals, the Municipal Hippodrome of Ciudad Bolívar, the Paraguaná circuit, the Barquisimeto oval and the Rancho Alegre oval are tagged in history, to name the most famous; as the learning space of those colossi of the foete.

The Paraguaná Park circuit, a name given a few years ago to give it a nuance in tune with modernity, has always been known as the Punto Fijo arena, located on the “Península de la Amistad”, specifically in the El Sabino area. .

In fact, the Paraguaná arena has its official account on social networks, and reflects that it was founded on January 24, 1965, being a school of great equestrian professionals, for 57 years.

A picturesque circuit, but with a fondness and passion for horses, the one around the aforementioned Paraguaná Park arena is very special.

The Punto Fijo arena has a modest herd, which serves to host the great events of a classic nature, such as national holidays and national holidays, which serve as a starting point for morning races, due to the great heat of the area.

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And even with its annual Triple Crown, Paraguaná Park in its history reveals that great riders have passed through this land, and their initial adventures were in that place.

Thus we have the case of Silvio Rovero who did great deeds in said oval, another like Alfredo Russo did a long internship in the El Sabino bullring.

The popular Nerio Valero, nicknamed "El Chamo" had his best time in that Falconian land, in addition to the famous Juan José Delgado who had a brilliant days in that circuit.

Of the new wave, the falconian Robert Capriles is one of the most famous, given that he has two recent Gold Caps in his professional career, and a consistent stakes winner. Others are Yaniel Caguado and Leomar Sangronis.


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