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Oliver rode an ostrich

The competition was held at the Sam Houston racetrack in Texas, in the United States

Nothing ceases to surprise us at the level of horse racing, and it calls our attention since the Venezuelan jockey Charle Olivero had the magnificent experience of riding in an ostrich race at the Sam Houston racetrack, Texas, United States.

The ostrich is the tallest bird on the planet, a species of strutioniform bird in the family Struthionidae. It is a large bird that does not fly, but is a runner. It is found in Africa, and in the past it also inhabited the Middle East and reaches a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

Ostrich and camel races have been held at various racetracks around the world, in which jockeys guiding thoroughbred horses often participate in these unusual races.

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On twitter, Índigo Hípico released the video of the competition held at Sam Houston Race Park, in which Charle Olivero, a famous Venezuelan jockey who excelled in the ovals of Valencia and La Rinconada, took part, mainly in his time, since he packed his bags to go to the United States, specifically to Mountaineer, where he has developed with notable success.

Ostriches sprint with their riders from the starting gate for the annual ostriches race.

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