Monday, July 4, 2022
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Northern Black won the Paraguayan Derby

On the Indigenous Resistance Day holiday, the Paraguaná Park oval opened its doors to enjoy four attractive contests, among which the Paraguayan Derby stood out, which was carried by the Northern Black horse with the rider Luis David “El Gochito” Ávila on undefeated Junior Fitz in the 1.900 meter shot on a sunny morning.

The other contests were won by the horse Gran Sleiter with the apprentice César Torres, the horse Rosso Vino in the second fair with the apprentice Josué García and the horse Refined triumphed in the Classic “José Gregorio Guerrero Bogarín” with the young whip Emison David Medina in a great display.

In this way, the equestrian fans of the Peninsula de la Amistad received another great program at the Paraguaná Park Racetrack, with great attendance.

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