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MOB: a running machine

The quality of this steed crossed the borders

For many, the best specimen born and raised in our country My Own Business (Voyageur in Word Medley by Verbatim) was born on March 22, 1997, so last Wednesday he would have turned 26, since it must be remembered that he died a victim of the main Enemy of horses: colic.

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The showy horse, owned by the stud “Mi Fantasía” by Rocco Sebastiani and Hugo Albarrán Acosta (+) who was born at Haras Vista Hermosa, had a simply extraordinary campaign, being champion at 2,3, 5 and 6 years old, horse record , obtaining 37 victories of which 31 were selective, of those 12 were grade 1, which includes victories in the Caribbean Equestrian Series, both in the Caribbean Classic, and repeating in the Confraternidad, which gave the position to Caribbean Hall of Fame.

Javier Farache, an expert in these numbers and who is also one of the best in terms of pedigree, remembers the date on his Twitter account, but it is enough that they name the extraordinary runner to bring to mind his overwhelming quality, that which few sometimes seen and that unfortunately due to fate prevented him from achieving the Triple Crown, but despite that bad moment, he is considered one of the best horses in our horse riding.


  1. My God, that horse is nothing in the United States!! For me the horse Juliano h.security was better, he achieved everything

  2. The best specimen that I have seen hurts that he did not leave descendants equal to him or better to continue enjoying thanks for everything he had a heart of gold

  3. MOB, the best, without a doubt, when they demanded it, he set a record, it's a shame that Castillo stopped him in Páez and if Bellardi were trained in the USA, he would have played a better role in my opinion, Carlos Morales changed his way of training from born galloper to sprinter there, his failure

  4. Not winning in the USA does not make it less, the horse is by far the best, since even when high security and he faced each other in the corner, if I am not mistaken in a classic, Simón Bolívar high security came last in that race that won the legendary MOB.

  5. A super horse with a trainer and two exceptional riders won them all and a Caribbean classic that made him run at night and won them more easily than the PR

  6. The Zuliano was better, since the only way to take away his undefeated status was by distancing himself in a second setback that did not happen, and then he was taken to the United States and there he also won several races

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