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Gran Pepe won by Ziadie event regulation

Márquez's pupil received a foul from Candy Cummings at the start and was lowered

Finally, the three-year-old Gran Pepe managed to obtain the first selective of his campaign, within the framework of the Millard Faris Ziadie Classic, grade 2, after he received "a sandwich" in the game of Candy Cummings, (the original winner) and Ron Añejo who It left him in a bad position, but it was decisive for the equestrian judges to make the decision to raise the pupil of stud Don Rafael V to first place.

He is a descendant of King Seraf in Gran Manisera from the La Orlyana stud farm, who has a track record of 2 wins in 5 performances and who is projected as one of the likely steeds to represent the country in the Caribbean International Classic, to be played on December 11 to come in La Rinconada.

From the start, the horse Canndy Cummings came to fight for the lead and they passed partials of 25”1 in the 400, 50” in the half mile, 75”3 for the 1.200 meters and 101”3 for the mile and finished in 116 ”4 on the mud in the 1.800 meter section.

Gran Pepe gradually improved, after the stumbling block at the start, and in the final corner he came strong, but Candy Cummings grew up and overtook him by half a length, but the effort of the animal had to be taken into account by the stewards of the race. horse house, and pass the verdict to drop Candy Cummings for the initial foul in the game, and officially leave him in second place, favoring Shawaf's grandson.

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Third was El Gran Mario in a striking demonstration, leaving Ron Añejo in fourth place, who also had to do with the initial "sandwich".

Fifth was the horse Impressive Pluvius, the best two-year-old of 2021, who opened up in the Veterinaria curve and faced severe setbacks, as in the final curve, and Jaime Lugo found it difficult to control him.

The equine platoon was closed by the horse Amigo Jorge, who dominated in the first few changes, and encouraged the race, which was finally won by the versatile Gran Pepe by regulation.
In such a way that the horse Gran Pepe took the victory with the team of Robert Capriles and Gabriel Márquez, in a controversial race from the very beginning of the game, and that gave rise to many emotions and opinions.

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