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Go Sexy Go surprised at the Hípica Nacional

One of the biggest “surprises” of the afternoon was the unexpected success of the delay Go Sexy Go in the outcome of the National Horse Riding Classic (Grade 1), after scoring 125.13 for the 2.000 meters with the apprentice rider Samuel Marín, when he left graceful for 6 1/2 lengths over the triple crowned Aphrodite of Padua, which faded again for the second consecutive performance.

The one presented by the trainner Ramón García Mosquera, advanced strongly and passed easily to his stablemate Aphrodite of Padua who did not evolve as expected by the national fans, and her expected trip to the Caribbean was left unknown.

The race had passages of 25.88 for the initial 400 meters and 51.11 in the half mile, with Reina de Espada at the forefront, having Aphrodite of Padua, Mary Queen and Go Sexy Go in single file.

He started the chronometer 75.04 at 1.200 and 99.38 for the 1.600 meters, when the representative of stud Alvajos came hard on the rail and easily went towards the goal to score 125.13 and put his name at the top of the scoreboard, claiming the fifth victory of his 12-performance campaign.

It is a 3-year-old descendant, with a dapple coat, by the stallion Pleasant in the My Fantasy womb, born and raised in the Haras The Invasion of the Uzcátegui brothers.

In the second box, there was the triple crowned tordilla Aphrodite of Padua, who was defeated by the second consecutive performance, leaving many doubts to represent Venezuela in the episode of the 2019 Horse Riding Series of the Caribbean, to be played on Sunday, December 8 at Guslfstream Park , circuit located in Florida, United States.

Third ended Mary Queen, who ran very far this time and the swift Queen of Sword was in the fourth box, somewhat far, very exhausted.

After the victory, the trainner Ramón García Mosquera indicated that the probable trip of Aphrodite of Padua to run in the Lady of the Caribbean, would be analyzed, given the second defeat in a row in the country of the valuable mare.

Perhaps, the owner Hugo Albarrán Acosta, president of the Caribbean Horse Riding Confederation, has the last word on the matter.

In this way, Go Sexy Go reached the figure of 74.895.725 bolivars in his campaign for stud Alvajos, destroying the aspirations of the blackberry Aphrodite from Padua in the framework of the Grade 1 event.

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