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Gala program with 4 classics

The Jockey Club, Hípica Nacional, Eduardo Larrazábal and Socopo en Coche are disputed

On an extraordinary day we will live today the equestrian events of all Venezuela, since we will witness a total of four classic events in the only program to be held from 1:00 in the afternoon in Caracas.

We will witness the Eduardo Larrazábal Classic in 1.200 meters, in which the mare La Sensacional emerges as the ideal candidate to win the laurel, in homage to the remembered veterinarian, who was president of the National Institute of Racetracks and founder of the La Rinconada Veterinary Hospital , while he was a breeder.

We will continue with the Socopo event, in honor of the first Venezuelan who managed to beat the imported ones in the Simón Bolívar Classic in 1966 with the duo of the disappeared Luis Bolívar and Manuel Azpurúa Sosa, and there the horse Futuro stands out with the race in favor, en route of 1.200 meters, since he is the current King of Speed ​​​​of the Caribbean.

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The National Equestrian event, Grade 1, looks available to Philomena, the valuable Lady of the Caribbean in 2.000 meters despite the presence of valuable mature mares, but with the absence of the triple crowned Lyndacarter due to her injury, the named mare is the that dominates the current generation of four-year-olds in the Coso de Coche.

And we'll close with Templario as the top card in the Grade 1 event, after he came out on top in the Caribbean Imported Invitational Cup last December and is still in excellent condition.

The strong enemies are El De Froix, Barrywhite and Gran Pepe in the Clásico Jockey Club de Venezuela at 1.800 meters.

Dr. Rodrigo Luis died

Great equestrian, owner and breeder, those who love the activity, sometimes even more than their own profession, that was or was Rodrigo Luis, a great friend, who was lucky in his life with cigars to achieve the double crown , with what was his best mare: Somethingregal.

Simply a dreamer within this activity that many are passionate about. A great loss, especially when it came to being quite young. We only have to offer our condolences.

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