Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Foals and fillies will make their debut

The classics Lanzarote and Victoreado, announced as the most important competitions on Sunday in La Rinconada, will serve to see in action for the first time in the 2021 season part of the generation born in 2019 and that will become the replacement of the equine population that currently occupies the stables of the Coche oval.

The Classic Lanzarote, exclusively for two-year-old fillies and scheduled as fifth in the afternoon, brought together six mares that are ready to perform their first public performance.

This test is run in recognition of the remembered selective winner who also defeated the males.

Navratilova, La Sensacional, Wakanda, Sylvanella, Essencial White and Mía Sabatini, responded to the call of the test that will open the campaign for two-year-old fillies.

Among the favorites are Sylvanella, hosted by Robert Capriles and hosted by Carlos Luis Giardinella, as well as Navratiulova, hosted by Luis Peraza and hosted by Jefferson Díaz.

The foals will make their debut in the Victoreado Classic, a test that is held in tribute to the remembered Venezuelan, the first winner of the Caribbean International Classic in Puerto Rico with the riding of Gustavo Ávila and training by Domingo Noguera Mora.

Impressive Pluvius, presented by Fernando Parilli and guided by Jaime “Pocho” Lugo, will be one of the favorites of the bettors, as well as The Big Louis, which will run under the responsibility of Robert Capriles and Radamés Santamaría.

He is a son of Jupiter Pluvis in Running River, from Los Samanes farms, which have outstanding training sessions.

Twelve competencies

In total there will be 12 competitions that will be held during the Sunday day with the national and international 5 and 6 game as one of the main attractions of the bettors who every week seek the six of fame that week by week provides excellent dividends for tickets successful.

The "Pocho" fined

The La Rinconada committee of stewards applied a five-unit fine to the rider Jaime “Pocho” Lugo and opened the administrative inquiries for the performance of the exemplary White One in the first race last Sunday.

According to the information published by the equestrian authorities on his Twitter account @OficialINH, it is appreciated that Lugo was sanctioned due to the stumbling blocks caused by the tordilla Sol de Marina to his colleague DeykerAcosta with the Princess Zoe mare in the fourth race, setbacks that originated the distancing of Soy de Mariana from the first to the fourth place.

The referees of the Caracas oval received the complaint from coach Manuel Pérez, who was not satisfied with the performance of his presented White One in the test that opened the day and summoned the rider Julio Moncada to the resident commissioner to explain the reasons for the way he´s led ran.

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