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Mundo Hípico it was the most productive of the week

A week of great successes had the magazine Mundo Hípico by matching 21 winners from 32 races in the triple program of horse racing held between the ovals of Valencia and La Rinconada.

In the general table, Mundo Hípico it swept over other specialized publications on turf, which barely reached 19 points; reason why the readers of the magazine of the town took the advantage. In the Valencia round, MundoHípico had 5 points in Valencia, out of a total of 8 races.

For the Saturday session, of 12 competitions we matched 10 and in the Sunday session we located 6 winners of the dozen tests carried out, in an afternoon of blows. Quite a success, because of 32 competitions we gave 21 winners, being the most successful publication of the week, by José Luis D'Angelo Durán and César Augusto Rivero.

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