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Eleven scored for the Imported Invitational Cup

In the tentative list there are six Venezuelans with the option of running in the 2.000 meters

The list of the six international races of the Caribbean Equestrian Series is already beginning to be defined at the La Rinconada stage, on December 11, and one of them will be the Invitational Cup for Imported in a 2.000-meter course and an attractive bag of $70.000 in prizes.

Obviously, since 1975 no common tests have been carried out for imported horses in the country, the year the horse show was nationalized, but we have enjoyed notable foreign horses in classic grade events such as the Simón Bolívar, the Presidential and the Armed Forces. , all with international rank.

This year, since Venezuela is the venue for the 2022 Caribbean event, the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation allowed Venezuela to be present at the two-kilometer event with Venezuelan horses.

Namely, there is a tentative list of 11 specimens willing to participate in the 2.000 meters and they are the following:

  • Daring Cry (Arg)
  • Bravo Ignacio (Arg)
  • Talented Mozart (USA)
  • My Old Johnny (USA)
  • Run Cami Run (USA)
  • Barrywhite (Come)
  • Max Security (Come)
  • Pescopagan (Come)
  • Steinbrenner (Come)
  • Templar (Come)
  • Valrazio (Come)

Obviously, the national horses, due to being local, have the advantage of having run on the Car track, while the foreigners will go to the Caracas field for the first time, but they have adapted quite well after the three-day quarantine.

Of the Venezuelan animals, the Barrywhite gray gray appears with the credentials to try for victory, since it has the special speed to try to "sleep" the flock in turn and take victory.

The veteran Valrazio of the great César Cachazo has declined, but he is always an animal with great bellows in the breath shots and will fight.

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And there is the Templario horse that has just won a race in striking form, and due to its health it seems to be one of those called to fight for victory.

Of the foreign imports, the one that has seen the best on the field is Bravo Ignacio, an Argentine horse campaigning in the nation of Panama.

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