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Sandovalera's case was referred to the FBI

The leadership of the Caribbean Horse Racing Confederation, in an extraordinary assembly held last Tuesday, forwarded to the FBI for investigation the complaint made by the delegations of Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela regarding the irregularities that were presented during the Caribbean Horse Racing Series held last Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December at the Camarero Racetrack, Puerto Rico.

According to the statement published by the leadership of the Caribbean Horse Racing Confederation on its Twitter account @ConfeCaribe, Puerto Rican authorities acknowledged that certain situations should not have happened and that they apologize for this. Internally, an investigation is carried out in order to clarify and clarify the protests received from the countries participating in the event.

With regard to the medication of the specimens that participated in the selective tests, “It was requested to open an investigation with the competent, jurisdictional and judicial bodies of the federal government of the United States of North America (FBI), in order to determine the presence or not of what could be considered as a punishable act. Said investigation is supported by the delegation of Puerto Rico, the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Horse Racing Confederation and other members present at the meeting held.”

As is known, after the show took place, the Venezuelan trainer Oscar Manuel González denounced a series of irregularities that were against the delegations invited to the event, among which is the non-application to the Sandovalera mare of the drug lasix, used to avoid bleeding (epistaxis), among other irregularities that affected the transparency of the event.

Like the champion Sandovalera, the rest of the Creole delegation suffered a series of inconveniences that did not allow them to make a better presentation. The fact that the complaints made by the delegations that participated in the Caribbean Equestrian Series have been forwarded to the FBI for the investigation of what happened, could lead to the winners of the selective competitions being disqualified.

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