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Cachazo for another victory in Bolívar

Once the experienced trainer Julio Henrique Ayala Coronil, called “El Rey de la Larga” confessed to us that winning the Simón Bolívar Classic was more important than conquering a statistic, and he was right as he achieved 6 events of that nature, through Negresco (1979), Jib Dancer (1997-1998), Rodes (2001), Arzak (2003) and Comedian (2012).

Ayala is the most winning professional of the greatest event in its history. And of those active in La Rinconada, “Maestro” César Cachazo has three hits, one with Don Fabián (1990) and two with El Gran Sol (1995-1996). This outstanding training professional will seek his fourth victory in the Simón Bolívar Classic Grand Prix on Sunday when he presents Valrazio in the competition, endowed with 12.113 bolivars in prizes with an additional special award of $ 78.000.


It is a 5-year-old chestnut horse, born and raised in the La Primavera farm, son of Champlain in Bounganville, owned by stud Sansón Jiménez, which will be led by rider José Gilberto Hernández.

He has four performances in 2.400 meters, a distance where he registers a first and a second. His triumph was achieved in February 2020 in the Classic Gold Cup, which was run for the first time in that month, after having been held in the month of September since 1980.

His first great specimen

The outstanding trainer had his first great specimen in Don Fabián according to what was expressed by Juan Macedo on the Venezuelan Horse Riding Anecdotes portal, where it is indicated that the colt was acquired by General Domingo Lara and Fabián Burbano for 900.000 bolivars, in an auction of the you will do Tamanaco.

Countertrade son's, won the Simón Bolívar and Internacional del Caribe classics.

From there, César Cachazo managed to excel in the Venezuelan equestrian environment and today he is considered a great training professional, in addition to being highly appreciated within the equestrian community, for his gifts as a human being, affable and simple.

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