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Aranguren and Bellardi gave statements

They were cited for the opaque performance of Señor Indriago last Sunday

The jockey Johan Aranguren and the trainer Antonio Bellardi gave statements to the resident commissioner of La Rinconada Racecourse due to the opaque performance of the colt Señor Indriago in the first race last Sunday.

In the information published on Twitter @OficialINH, the following can be seen: "Given the performance of the exemplary Mr. Indriago (5), this Board of Commissioners proceeds to open the administrative investigation in accordance with articles 5, 14, 17, 18 and 262 of the National Racing Regulations. Likewise, citizens Johan Aranguren and Antonio, Bellardi are notified to appear before the office of the resident commissioner on Monday, May 03 between 09:30 and 10.00:XNUMX in the morning, respectively, for the purpose of giving an interview.

It can also be seen in the report bulletin that the judges requested a complete clinical examination of the specimen Mr. Indriago before the Veterinary Inspection Division and he returned without apparent injuries. All in accordance with article number 66 literal "g" and 290 of the National Racing Regulations in force.

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Señor Indriago participated as the main favorite and finished in last place in a field of five competitors, more than 17 lengths behind the winner The Judge with the mount of the líder of the riders Robert Capriles.

Aranguren achieved his first victory, after five years of inactivity, over Mr. Indriago himself on April 30 and with Lyndacarter he escorted Paomi Police in an outstanding performance throughout the course.

For this Sunday, the experienced rider will have three commitments with the possibility of crossing the finish line in first place each time, while Bellardi, considered one of the best coaches in recent years, does not appear with any scored.

Señor Indriago will undergo rigorous veterinary examinations in La Rinconada.

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