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Venezuela with four rockets to the Caribbean

LyndaCarter, Amelazado, King Ponchi and Colossus with the mission of winning

The 2022 Caribbean equestrian festival promises a total crowd of equestrian fans, to marvel on Sunday with the 54th edition of the International Classic of the Caribbean, with the presence of equines from Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the host Venezuela, and an attractive pot of more than a million dollars to be distributed in the six races.

La Rinconada will host the regional fair for the ninth time, which this time will host fans from 10:00 in the morning, to enjoy the sport of kings, in a program of 13 harvests, starting at 12:15.

The central test, the Caribbean Classic will have ten scored with a pot of 500 thousand dollars, and will be in homage to the coach Alberto Paz Rodríguez, president of the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation, and will be the sixth of the 5 and 6, at 5: 15 p.m. Venezuela will seek its 15th photo in the event. LyndaCarter, Amelazado, King Ponchi and Colossus are on a mission to win on Sunday.

The Caribbean Confraternity Cup in 2.000 meters, male version will have a pot of 200 thousand dollars and a posthumous tribute will be paid to the narrator Aly Khan in the fourth valid, precisely at 4:25 pm, where the Venezuelans will go after victory 16 .

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The female version of the Confraternity Cup in 1.600 meters and in tribute to the breeder María Esperanza Miglietti will have a purse of 100 thousand dollars to distribute. The game will be at 3:35 pm, with these three international matches, within the framework of 5 and 6. The Copa Dama del Caribe will be at 1.800 meters and with a purse of 65 thousand dollars, at 2:45 pm.

We will enjoy the Caribbean Speed ​​Cup in 1.200 meters, at 1:55 pm, with a prize of 65 thousand dollars in cash and finally the Invitational Cup for Imported from the Caribbean at 2:20 pm, with a pot of 70 thousand dollars at spread over the 2.000 meter journey.

Said program will serve to end the 2022 equestrian season in Caracas and so that the public can witness the event live, since it has not been held since 2014, when the mare Ninfa del Cielo won it with Emisael Jaramillo.

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