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Tereshkova seeks to close with the gualdrapa 14

The mares will add flavor to the closing test

The interest in the curiosities and anecdotes that buzz the statistics or figures in the national horse racing continues, and in recent weeks at the La Rinconada Racecourse, it is the one of the triumphs of the number 14 in the races to lower the curtain in the 5 and 6 .

At that time, we can remember Futuro on July 3, the horse Doctor Sotelo on July 10, the mare Sra Belén on July 14, the mare Black beauty on July 24 and waltz Time on August 14, indicating that in that couple of weeks, there were not 14 registered in the valid sixth.

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This week, the horse blanket 14 returns to the fore in the test to close the Sunday session, and it is the mare Tereshkova that will take part with that number on her back.

The Tereshkova mare will be guided by the apprentice Daniel Hernández and presented by the trainer and veterinarian Miguel Hernández with a great option.

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