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León: “I am not surprised by the victory”

The Venezuelan considers that winning the Kentucky is the best thing in the world for a rider

Sonny León, who became the second Venezuelan jockey to win the Kentucky Derby, the most coveted equestrian race in the world, still cannot get over his astonishment at such an unexpected victory.

León, 32 years old and born in the state of Aragua, posted on his Twitter account @ sonnyleon1: "Venezuela, I woke up this morning wondering if it was real that I had won the Kentucky Derby 🌹 hahaha, what crazy right?".

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The Kentucky Derby, also known as the Carrera de Las Rosas, which traditionally takes place on the first Saturday of May each year in the town of Louisville, opens the cycle of the American Triple Crown and is considered the most important of each season in the one that participates the most outstanding three-year-old steeds that earn the entry with previous performances in qualifying races.

Since 1971 when Gustavo Ávila surprised the mundo hípico With his resounding victory over Cañonero, the victory had eluded the Venezuelan riders who perform in the United States and the one who had been closest was Ramón Alfredo Domínguez, who came second to Bárbaro with Blue Gras Cat in 2006.

Sonny León entered the competition a day before the race with the colt Rich Strike, trained by Eric R. Reed, after the retirement of Ethereal Road, to perform one of the best drives in what is also known as “the most exciting two minutes of the sport” and place his name on the select list of winners and become the second biggest upset of the Kentucky Derby, quoted 80/1 in the bets.

The man from Aragon, the second Venezuelan jockey to win the most famous horse race in the United States, stated after his victory: "Winning the Kentucky Derby is the best thing in the world, especially because I brought my family, my daughter, one year and two months that is the first time that he attends the racecourse and it brought me this luck, "said the now famous Venezuelan jockey who will seek to become the third Venezuelan jockey to triumph in the Preakness Stakes, to emulate Gustavo Ávila and Javier José Castellano.

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