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Kandinsky and Crackstar will meet on Sunday

Kandinsky and Crackstar will seek the pass for the Caribbean Classic in the Special Coaches Union Condition, announced as the fourth valid for Sunday's 5 and 6 game at 1.800 meters.

Kandisky, a son of Slew's Tozzy in Goldstruck, by Mineshaft, from the haras Los Samanes, is the winner of the classics José Antonio Páez, Hypocrite and Cañonero, in a campaign of four victories in eight outings. It will be led by Jhonatan Aray and presented by Fernando Parilli with a 54-kilo handicap.

"Kandinsky is at his best and ready to get another selective victory," they said in Parilli's stable.
The prospect Crackstar, a colorful sorrel descendant of League of Nations in Black Eyed, by Carson City, from the haras Los Caracaros, winner of the classic Millard Ziadie, remained undefeated in four performances until his last outing in which he was third in the winner Valrazio in the Taconeo Cup will be his main enemy.

In Reynaldo Yénez's stable, optimism grows for the opportunity presented to the half-brother of sprint champion Pedro Caimán.

Valrazio, winner of the Taconeo Cup, is surprised.

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