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José Gilberto Hernández ate it in Caracas

The experienced whip José Gilberto Hernández led the double card staged in Caracas, to the point of achieving 5 visits to the winner's park to reach 14 victories in the 2019 season.

She won through Apocalypse Queen, Mademoiselle, Elysium and Turco in the Saturday round, to round off her numbers with Power Princess in a spectacular auction. José Gilberto has stood out for winning many competitions on the 800-meter course during his professional career.

For his part, the whip Ismeiro Villalobos showed off with 4 awards in Caracas, and took the record of success with the mare Katrina on Sunday afternoon in a good finale, and on Sunday he sealed the victories of Succesfully, Round Business and Money Player to count 35 and seize the fifth statistic box.

Two tripled

The Venezuelan whips Samuel Marín and Iván Pimentel were filled with glory when they won in a trio of occasions to consolidate with good numbers.

Marín won above The Change (by regulation), Go Sexy Go in the Clásico Hípica Nacional and Chicho to add 41 laurels and continue in fourth place; while Pimentel took the victorious photos through Gran Vittorio and Jorge Zeta in the Classic Horse Racing Association of Owners and Magy Zeta to accumulate 15 goals in the year.

Cipriano Gil brought two successes with Gran Rigoleto and Tap Daddy in the Classic Jockey Club.

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