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Equestrian Tips | Justified and / or Unjustified Withdrawals

Many times, we are asked if the withdrawal of a horse is truly justified, and it is always a real topic of discussion, it is important to emphasize that we always work for the well-being and preserve the health of the athlete horse.

We also understand the hard work of many months of training and dedication of all those who make up the environment of the specimen, but many times in the blink of an eye, it has to be removed, either due to a trauma to the musculoskeletal system, for some disease generated in some of their systems, be it respiratory, digestive, immune and cardiovascular. A withdrawal must always be justified when it is involved in the life of the horse and that threatens its well-being, and apart from that, the public must have the guarantee that that, the one who is their favorite horse, will pass the finish line first.

The racehorse, we know that for some it is a running machine, but for many others it is rather a specimen that gives satisfaction and enormous joys. That is why each withdrawal that is made is because it is really justified.

All of us who are part of this equestrian family, we have to think that the fact of a true justified retirement, will guarantee that this horse, depending on its injury, will recover and that its speedy recovery will guarantee that its participation in equestrian days, it will be the most satisfactory.

Otherwise, the injuries and illnesses are exacerbated, which will result in limiting the athletic life of that horse, damaging a large number of people, from the breeder to the stable keeper.

There should not be any unjustified withdrawal, since we are here to provide a show of transparency and trust for the equestrian public. If so, he would be committing illegal acts.

The race horse, already being an athlete, suffers from all kinds of diseases, injuries and situations that can harm it, such as a simple change of implement or a change of stable or stable, those details that for many the horse go unnoticed. he perceives and sees it reflected in behaviors, few unusual in him, that can influence when running or being withdrawn, even in the starting device. Each specimen that arrives at the equestrian event is widely guaranteed that it enjoys excellent physical and mental health to guarantee the different satisfactions of the equestrian public.

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