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Gulfstream examples are not allowed to go to New York

The decision was made by NYRA authorities due to a herpes outbreak

The authorities of the racetracks attached to the New York Racing Association (NYRA) issued a statement on Monday, the 23rd of this month, in which they suspend the horses from Gulfstream Park from the racetracks attached to this organization, due to the situation presented. for a suspected equine herpes (EHV) outbreak at the Florida Oval.

This measure came into effect at the beginning of the week and will remain in place until the situation regarding the spread of herpes affecting equines is clarified.

It was revealed that this decision left out the Super Corinto horse from the Pegasus World Cup, announced for next Saturday in the arena of the Florida equestrian circuit, a test that will have 14 participants with a prize of 3.000.000 million dollars and in the that four Venezuelan professionals will look for the surprise.

The information was published on the Twitter account @DRFenEspanol and the one that is appreciated: "until further notice, due to the situation presented by an outbreak of equine herpes (EHV) in the Florida oval, they are not accepting specimens from @GulfstreamPark" .

Bob baffert

On the other hand, it was learned that the three-year-old horses coached by Bob Baffert must be transferred to another training professional before February 28, to be eligible and seek the points that allow them to participate in the 149th edition of the Kentucky Derby.

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As is known, trainer Bob Baffert is suspended by the Kentucky authorities for the alleged use of prohibited drugs in his subjects and said sanction will end until next Thursday, June 23.

Baffert is considered one of the best trainers of thoroughbreds in recent years in the United States, where he has won statistics.

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