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Castellano has an option to run the Belmont

The Zuliano would ride the horse Arcangelo in the 2.400 meters in New York

Possibly the Venezuelan rider Javier José Castellano will be present in the 155th edition of the Belmont Stakes, the third jewel of the Triple Crown in the 2.400-meter course in the Nyra area, at the Belmont Park circuit in New York, scheduled for the Saturday June 10.

The mount of the Zulian Castellano would be the three-year-old Arcangelo, an animal that has just won the Peter Pan Stakes and is nominated for the Champions Test; since Mage, winner of the Kentucky Derby will not run it.


Castellano is the Venezuelan jockey who has been present the most times in the Belmont Stakes event, since he has run it 14 times without being able to win it. And in fact, no Venezuelan has achieved it.

Javier Castellano's opportunities have been:

-Tap Dancer (2004) 6th
-Watchmon (2005) 9th
-Guadalcanal (2008) 7th
-Interclif (2010) 6th
-Stay Thirsty (2011) 2nd
-Dullattam (2012) 7th
-Revolutionary (2013) 5th
-Commissioner (2014) 2nd
-Madefromlucky (2015) 6th
-Destin (2016) 2nd
-Twisted Tom (2017) 6th
-Nobel Indy (2018) 10th
-Spinoff (2019) 6th
-Farmington Road (2020) 8th

In that long list, it is noted that the Zuliano Castellano has achieved 3 seconds in his participation in the joust of the 3rd gem.

The first native rider to run the Belmont Stakes was Gustavo “El Monstruo” Ávila with Cañonero in 1971, finishing fourth in a memorable performance. Although no Venezuelan professional has been able to win in the exciting Test of The Champions.

Arcangelo, by Arrogate, recent winner of the Peter Pan Stakes G3, is Castellano's potential Belmont Stakes entry and is trained by Jena Antonucci.
The Belmont Stakes event, the third jewel of the United States Triple Crown, is one of the oldest races on this continent, since it has been held since 1867, except for the years 1911 and 1912, which were not held, but from 1913 onwards it is carried out uninterruptedly.

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For this year, it is estimated that there will be a huge party at the Belmont Park circuit, precisely in the 155th edition of the Belmont Stakes, since it marks the 50th anniversary of the triumph of "El Rojo", the well-remembered Secretariat that managed to reach three crowns with jockey Ron Turcotte in 1973, and is considered the equine champion for decades and of the last century.

Precisely, for that last race, the Belmont Stakes, the longest distance that exists in the American circuits, Secretariat, the great Red, won with an impressive advantage of 31 lengths, beating the record of the event and the world record in distances. long, which has never been forgotten in the annals of North American and world horse racing.

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