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Miggy's premature retirement is worth money

I would negotiate with Tigres the 2022 fees in exchange for an annual check for life

In the event that Miguel Cabrera cannot continue to deal with the ailments in his right knee and is forced to retire, without completing the last year of his contract with the Detroit organization, with a fee of $ 32 million, it is very likely that he will reach a agreement with the Tigers and assign him a lifetime pension, like the one that the Boston Red Sox set for Dominican David Ortiz as of 2017.

Cabrera revealed last Thursday that his representatives and Cuban Al Ávila, general manager of the Bengalis, are awaiting the medical report that will determine if he will continue to be active next year, advancing in the historical lists of different offensive departments, such as hits, home runs and runs. driven.

In case he has to hang up the bat and wait five years to enter directly into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, starting in 2028, they will try to "re-engineer" the contract.

In his last seven games with the Tigers since July 27, the 39-year-old Venezuelan slugger is .040 (25-for-1) with three walks and four strikeouts and the average has dropped from .287 to . 268.

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Cabrera is represented by the same firm that manages "Big Papi": ISE Baseball, Independent Sports & Entertainment, whose president is Cuban Fernando Cuza, known for having been Andrés Galarraga's agent.

Ortiz announced his retirement at the end of the 2016 season, his 17th year in MLB. The Red Sox, thinking that he could change his mind, announced in November of that year that they would exercise the $2017 million option for XNUMX, and as the slugger from Quisquey was inclined to retire, they negotiated: one million dollars a year for life .

On March 27, 2014, before beginning his seventh season with Detroit, Cabrera signed a $252 million contract extension through 2023, plus two options worth $30 million each, for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

Before starting this season, the player himself announced that he will end his career in 2023. In 2021 he reached half a thousand home runs and this year he entered the 3 thousand hits club.

He has a .309 career average with 3 hits.


  1. Yes, it is for the health of Miguel Cabrera, the ideal is to reach an agreement by both parties in 2023. In general, after his retirement he is already assured of reaching the HALL OF FAME.

  2. You have to see the medical report. A couple of weeks on the disabled list could help him finish this season. The winter can serve to put it in condition is. It is not the same to listen to the stadium to see a team in reconstruction than to see a safe Hall play
    of Fame. that's box office

  3. Cabrera has nothing to prove, he is in an elite of 500 homers 3000 hits, continuing to play would only be to climb positions, but risking injury. I believe that the most sensible thing is for him to retire this year through the front door, wait 5 years for his possible entry into the MLB Hall of Fame and enjoy his free time with his family, since he is still young and his financial situation more than solvent.

  4. He leaves a great legacy for the new generations and if he goes to the hall of fame when it's his turn.

  5. I consider it prudent to wait as he evolves and the medical report to make a more sensible decision about his retirement. He still shows conditions to continue looking for numbers and climbing positions in the records in different departments.

  6. Retired and Hall of Fame, he has nothing more to prove, he already did it all.

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