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Omar López wants Miggy in the World Classic

Cabrera will uniform with the Venezuelan team for a fifth WBC

The debate on whether Miguel Cabrera should be called up to the 2023 World Classic is stinging and spreading. But it's a matter of fans, manager Omar López and his board have no doubts, Miggy must be uniformed with Venezuela. 

Close to turning 40 and ready to play his last season in the Major Leagues, he will play his fifth World Classic. 

“He is practically the second líder of this team”, said Omar López in a statement reviewed this Wednesday by Las Mayores. 

"I am optimistic that we can reach the maximum... so that Miguel can go home, play his last campaign and say that Venezuela had a solid performance and why not, be champion," he added. 

The staff trusts that Miggy will be additional "motivation" for the team, which is expected to bring together figures such as Salvador Pérez, Ronald Acuña Jr. José Altuve, Luis Arráez and Eugenio Suárez, several of them already preparing in Venezuela. 

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Regarding this, Omar López assured that he has been impressed with the dedication of the veterans, after a long and arduous season in the Major Leagues.

"They are (barely) in a pre-selection and many of them, without knowing if they are going to be with the national team or not, are playing in Venezuela because they aspire to be ready," López said.

“You have to be emphatic, we have our ideas, our project. But we still cannot tell the players if they are in the national team or not, ”he explained. 

Venezuela is in Group D with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Israel.


  1. Forgive me but Miguel was an idol but he is no longer the same we need young baseball players because Miguel spent his time as a child there are good bats right now in Venezuela active Miguel had a hard time this year in the big leagues it is time to look for the championship with what we better have pitchers and batters

  2. He is the best Venezuelan baseball player of all time and he is active, if he wants to he has to go, the manager will know how to use him, period

  3. Miguel should be there, there will be some pitchers who will not have a way to dominate this triple crowned player who still hits a lot and lead this team together with Altuve and Acuña and Salvador Pérez is to be feared

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