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Miggy Cabrera returns to action

The Aragüeño will seek to close the season in a healthy way and prepared for 2023

Miguel Cabrera was inactive for more than 15 days. An injury to his left bicep prevented him from being active in the Detroit Tigers since last September 2 when he was added to the disabled list.

Now, since last night, the 'Big Tiger' returned to action to face the Baltimore Orioles from the Camden Yard in Maryland, with the purpose of improving his numbers and thus having a high-voltage final stretch with the cats, at purpose of his pursuit of records among Major League legends.

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Just before getting injured, Cabrera had 3.079 career hits in the Majors; that is to say 10 less than the future Hall of Fame, Ichiro Suzuki, who is ranked 24th all time, according to the portal

Also, in terms of home runs, the Aragüeño is still three behind his former teammate in the Tigers, Gary Sheffield, who dispatched 509 homers in 22 seasons.

Miggy not only thinks about continuing to climb the ranks in the various historical offensive departments, but also predicts closing the season in a healthy way and thus being prepared for his last year as a professional player, in 2023.

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