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Miggy Cabrera has an eye on Rafael Palmeiro

After surpassing Wade Boggs with 3.012 hits, now he goes for the Cuban

To say that Miguel Cabrera is one of the best hitters that has happened in the Major Leagues would be an understatement compared to the greatness that this 39-year-old maracayero has reaped and part of that legacy was demonstrated on Wednesday, when he got his 3.011th and 3.012th hits to leave behind Wade Boggs' mark and rank 30th all-time.

Only 30 batters in the history of the Majors, since 1876, have been able to connect at least 3.012 hits and to think that a Venezuelan occupies one of those positions is something surreal for the fans who have seen Miggy grow since that June 1, 20 when he hit his first MLB hit (Go-ahead home run to Tampa Bay).

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Boogs is the third player Miggy has passed since he entered the 3000 club on April 23.

First, he left behind the great Roberto Clemente (3.000 hits), who welcomed the Venezuelan to the group of hitters with at least three thousand hits. Then, it was the turn of Al Kaline, who had 3.007 hits in his life and now “El Come Pollo”, Wade Boggs.

Palmeiro, the next

Only six Latinos are part of the 3.000 hits club and Miggy is now the fifth with the most singles. Now his next target is Cuban Rafael Palmeiro, who had 3.020 hits in 20 seasons.

For Cabrera it will be a matter of time to separate the Cuban and be the fourth player born in Latin America with the most hits, because then he will have:

  • Rod Carew (3.053)
  • Adrian Beltre (3.166)
  • Albert Pujols, who has 3.310 and counting.

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