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Cabrera is now going for another MLB legend

With four more RBIs, the Venezuelan will join Carl Yastrzemski

May Miguel Cabrera and Boston Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski have more in common than one might imagine.

In 2012, a decade ago, Cabrera inscribed his name in the sport's golden books by becoming the 1967th player to win a Major League Baseball Triple Crown and the first since Yastrzemski in XNUMX.

Forty-five years passed for Miggy to emulate the Red Sox Hall of Fame and the other eight players with said feat on offense and now, fate has put the Venezuelan back on the road to match, once again, a completed mark for 'Yaz' in his 23 years with Boston.

On Monday night, Cabrera dressed up at Comerica Park, because with his 4th home run of 2022 he reached 1.840 trailers in his 20-year career.

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This number served to surpass the two-time winner of the Triple Crown of Batting and two-time Most Valuable Player, Ted Williams and thus snatch the 15th position on the all-time list.

The next target for the player from Maracay will be, precisely, Yastrzemski, who accumulated 1.844 trailers in his journey through the best baseball in the world and has remained in 14th place in history.

Miggy's next steps

Already with 20 years of service and a career that will take him non-stop to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, each hit by Cabrera puts him in position to break records of legends.
Proof of this are the 3.071 hits he has accumulated, subtracting 18 from him to match another great hitter such as Ichiro Suzuki.

Likewise, with 43 bases reached, he will join Cooperstown member Ken Griffey Jr., who in 22 seasons had 5.271 bases and is ranked 15th in the history of the Major Leagues.


  1. Good evening, if Carl Yastrzemski achieved his batting triple crown in 1967, then 55 years ago and not 45, Greetings.

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