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Two European and two South American teams, main favorites for Qatar 2022

The big event is drawing near, the World Cup starts in less than two months and the eyes of the world of football are already pointing towards Qatar. It will be the most atypical World Cup due to its dates coinciding with the European autumn (November and December) but it is expected that, as usual, it will attract the attention of millions of football and betting fans.

To understand the magnitude of the event, let us remember that the last one – Russia 2018 – was followed by half of the world population, about 3500 billion people. And the grand finale was watched by 1100 billion. In terms of billing for bets, according to FIFA, about 135 billion euros were bet; with an average of 2,1 million per game and a total of 7,2 million in the final.

First The Canarinha

Perhaps the dates and the controversy that has accompanied the construction of the stadiums in Qatar can make it less attractive, but one thing is clear and it is not the first time... great favorite es BRAZIL. There are arguments in their favour: since Tite took over the bench, they have played 75 games and it has gone like this: 56 wins / 14 draws / 5 losses. 161 goals scored by 26 conceded.

Although the average of goals conceded it is only 1 for every 3 matches, his defensive line is the only one that can raise any doubt, particularly his full-backs. Although they have reliable players like Eder Militao and Alex Telles, the days when Brazilian wingers were a world reference are long gone... just remember the mythical Roberto Carlos, Cafú, Marcelo or Dani Alves.    

With that one "but", naming the members of the Brazilian team that will attend the World Cup is a true manifestation of why they favoritism among the houses of betting World Cup Qatar 2022 in Spain…Neymar, Vinicius Junior, Roberto Firmino, Rodrygo, Coutinho, Casemiro, Gabriel Jesús, Richarlison and Rafinha are all top level players.

Blues, lurking

La main protester to the favoritism of Brazil is the current champion, FRANCE. For many, the French team is the one that brings together the most talent in the tournament, and we are also talking about a group of physically powerful players who, in many cases, are in the best moment of their careers.

Pogba, Dembelé, Kanté or Griezmann will be pillars for France when the ball starts to roll, but they rise above two stunning names: Mbappé, already consecrated despite the fact that he is only 23 years old, and even higher... Benzema. Today it is difficult to argue that the top scorer in the Spanish Laliga is the best striker in the world, the question is whether he is also the best player.

Benzema and Mbappé, the fearsome French attacking duo

The addition of Benzema makes the french forward en the most powerful of those who will go to Qatar, at least on paper. Blues They are a splendid team that seems to always be involved in internal struggles, if they manage to overcome their quarrels, they may achieve the feat of successfully defending the title – something only achieved by Brazil, in the 1958 and 1962 World Cups.

The Three Lions and La Albiceleste, side by side

La third in discord is ENGLAND, which will try to improve on its result from last year's European Championship, where it reached the final and then succumbed to Italy in a penalty shootout. The English are almost always among the favorites and always end up disappointing, let's remember that only They have won a world cup and went more than half a century ago.

But his performance in qualifying for Qatar is his best endorsement: 8 wins and 2 draws, with 39 goals scored. Furthermore, from a strictly goalscoring point of view, many think that the English team has the greatest asset, Tottenham striker Harry Kane. That is why it is not surprising that the betting websites place him as the main candidate for World Cup Top Scorer.

ARGENTINA has been gaining integers as the competition approaches, until it is de facto at the same level as the English for the final victory. The main argument in favor of the Argentines is that they have without losing la whopping de 35 matches. To find their last defeat we have to go back to 2019, when they fell to Brazil in the Copa América semis.

His other great asset has a name and surname: Lionel Messi. The former Barcelona player is, today yes, the líder of your selection; although for this it would be necessary to wait until the last Copa América, when The Pulga he led his team to victory for the first time (for him) in a major competition. There are those who go further and dare to affirm that the albiceleste will eliminate Spain in the semifinals and then proclaim themselves champion

Spain closes the quintet of favorites

Until a few dates, Argentines and Spaniards disputed "face to face" the fourth place of favoritism for Qatar, but their last two League of Nations games have delayed SPAIN to fifth position. This may surprise some, since after playing them The Red has qualified for Final Four of the aforementioned competition, which will take place in the summer of 2023.

The Spanish team is a very choral team and without big stars, with limited scoring ability but a lot of control of the game, perhaps too much. Suffice it to refer to information from Stats Perform, a sports analysis company that has recorded data of 198 national teams who have played a competitive match since August 2021... and among all Spain is the one that raises the ball more slowly, at 0,89 meters per second.

Those trained by Luis Enrique are, however, clear favorites to go first in Group E and it is to be hoped that they will arrive in Qatar in high spirits after having beaten Portugal in extremis in their last game of the European League of Nations, with which they sealed their place in the final phase.

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