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The most popular bet types in a MLB

Our betting on the MLB They have more followers each year both in the US and in Latin American countries and the rest of the world.

At a time when it is easier than ever to follow games and analyze statistics, placing bets on the MLB is really interesting and fun. But what are the types of bets that fans like the most? Next, we will talk about several bets that you can make on any MLB game or even on the entire competition if you choose a good bookmaker:

World Series Winner

Before the season starts and for several weeks after it starts, you can bet on your favorite team to win the World Series or the National League or the American League.

These are long-term bets that fans like a lot because when they are won, they receive extra money that was hardly remembered or expected.

Game Winner or Money Line

However, the vast majority of bets on the MLB are placed on specific games. One of the most popular bets is to simply bet on which team you think will win the game.

During the MLB season, each team plays 162 games, which means that there are a total of more than 2.400 games and sportsbooks usually cover them all.


The handicap consists of giving an initial advantage to one of the teams. For example, you can give a team a 3,5 run lead so if you bet on their win and they lose by 3 runs or less or even win, you will win your bet. That is, bets on the basis of a change in the final score of the game.

With this type of betting, some games, in which there is a very clear favorite, are more interesting.

total runs

In this type of MLB bet, the bookmakers suggest several values ​​referring to the total runs that will be in the game and the user can choose one of those values ​​and bet that the actual total runs of the game will be above or below that value.

It is a good type of bet when it is clear that due to the style of play of the teams there will be many or few races, but it is not clear which team will win, since the latter is indifferent.

Betting on player statistics

The best sportsbooks offer many types of bets on each game and these may include betting on single player stats. For example, you can bet on how many home runs or strikes a player will hit.

As we say, this type of bet is not always available. The more important the game is and the more following the betting websites anticipate that it will have, the more different types of bets they will include in their offer and the more likely it is that these bets can be placed.

* Bets are only allowed to those over 21 years of age in the US and on websites authorized by the state in which the user resides. Play responsibly.

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