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René Higuita, the goalkeeper who revolutionized football

In the history of football there have been players who, due to their unique way of performing on the pitch, changed the way of playing in their position. One of them was the Colombian René Higuita, a true revolutionary under the goal posts. Let's get to know his story.

an unhappy childhood

Born in Medellín on August 27, 1966, he was the son of a single mother, who died as a child Higuita. Therefore, he was raised by his grandmother in the midst of great economic difficulties. In fact, the future goalkeeper had to perform different jobs as a newspaper delivery boy.

His beginnings as a goalkeeper were anecdotal. In his school a tournament was organized in order to choose players for Independiente de Medellín. So, Higuita played as a striker, but since the goalkeeper was injured, he took this position. He would no longer abandon him.

Professional football player

As a professional soccer player, the goalkeeper began in 1985 within the ranks of Millonarios, which he reached after participating in the South American youth team in Asunción (Paraguay). In the Bogotá club he met the one who is considered one of his models, the Argentine goalkeeper Alberto Vivalda, known as "El Loco".

This, as Higuita would do later, used to leave the goal with the ball at his feet and dribbling opponents. And, it seems, that's where our character took his way of playing.

However, a year later, Higuita moved to Atlético Nacional, where he coincided with the coach who marked him the most: Francisco Maturana. With the Medellin team, he won the 1989 Copa Libertadores. The Colombians beat Paraguay's Olimpia in a penalty shootout and Higuita not only stopped four, but also scored one.

By then he was already a starter in the national team and, in 1991, he accompanied Maturana on his Spanish adventure. Both signed for Real Valladolid, although Higuita did not have much luck and returned to Colombia in the middle of the season to once again occupy the Atlético Nacional goal.

Four years later, he once again had decisive performances for his team to once again reach the Copa Libertadores final. In the semifinals against River Plate he scored a goal from a direct free kick, saved a penalty and scored another. However, they would end up losing the final against Gremio de Porto Alegre.

Finally, Higuita retired from the Aucas club in Ecuador in 2010. He was a true football revolutionary for his way of playing with his feet, dribbling opponents and even scoring goals. But, above all, for his famous clearance of the scorpion, a house mark, which was a risky move not repeated by other goalkeepers.

In conclusion, Higuita was a figure that all football fans should know. With his peculiar way of understanding the game, he changed the way goalkeepers do it. we can just do Sports betting at Betsson Colombia and Venezuela on how many goals they will concede and also on what results their respective teams will obtain or which of them will win their championship.

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