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Soccer in Argentina

Football does not stop in Argentina and last weekend a new edition of the Professional Football League began, very popular in the sports betting today. Although the teams are still getting ready for this tournament, there was a lot of news.

One of the notes was given by the experienced attacker Mauro Zarate, who after the triumph of his Platense team (2×1 over Godoy Cruz) revealed that he was about to hang up his boots.

Zárate, who before arriving at Platense had a brief stint in Brazilian soccer and also in Boca Juniors, was key in the victory of the "Squid" team, but beyond that he was the protagonist of what he said after the game. “I had a lot to gain from playing. But at times I thought about stopping playing and enjoying my family and other things. But my family knows it, my wife knows it and the desire to play was there, so here I am”, he said.

The one born of Haedo is a soccer globetrotter. His long career has taken him to Al-Sadd SC (Qatar), Birmingham City, West Ham, Queens Park Rangers, Watford (England), Lazio, Inter Milan, Fiorentina (Italy) and América Mineiro and Juventude (Brazil). .

«A special night because I returned to play in Argentine soccer. I made a commitment and I have a goal with this club. I am going to leave the maximum to fulfill it, ”said Zárate after the meeting.

Finally, the striker who made his debut at Calamar explained the team's objective for this season and stated: “The big ones have to set an example, support the boys. This is a commitment of the whole team with the people who took Platense to the First Division and we have to leave him where he was for a long time and where he wants to stay”.

Carlos Tevez confirmed his retirement from football

About a year ago, Carlos Tevez had announced that he was leaving football for an indefinite period of time and many fans hoped to see him on the pitch again. However, this week the "Apache" confirmed that he was retiring and that his next step is to become technical director.

In a long conversation with Alejandro Fantino on the Loose Animals program, Boca's historic 10 announced that he had put an end to his football career on the green grass and that it was a very difficult decision to make. “I am retired, confirmed. They offered me from many sides, but as a player I already gave everything I had inside my heart. That leaves me more than calm, "said Carlitos.

In the interview, Tevez commented that the death of his father was one of the reasons why he decided to leave the courts.

“My last year playing was very hard because he was brain dead. I wake up one day and I say to Vane: 'I don't play anymore'. I call Adrián (Ruocco) in the afternoon and tell him: 'Look, I'm not going to play anymore. I retire'. I call Riquelme at night and tell him: 'Tomorrow I need the club to hold the conference. I don't play anymore'. Then came what came, I didn't play anymore and that's when the family realized that I didn't play anymore. That's where they fell."

“They asked me all the time why I had stopped playing. Until I told them, 'I stopped playing because I lost my #1 fan. I was eight years old and the one who came to see me was him, so he said: 'What else for?' I got up and said: 'I don't play for anyone anymore'. I think that was the only time I really thought about myself. I had lost my number 1 fan and that made me no longer want to play," added the former Juventus and Manchester City player.

Tevez is one of the most emblematic players of Boca Juniors, a team with which he won several titles. In this way, the former xeneixe artilleryman culminates his stage in the club of his love and in football. Will you have the opportunity of him as technical director? We'll see.

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