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Gaming Companies Focus on eSports Sponsorship Investment as Trend Grows

Everyone wants to jump on the eSports hype train, including online casinos and bookmakers.

You might think that esports and casinos don't seem to be closely linked, but a growing number of casinos are starting to get excited about competitive gaming.

This relationship seems to be growing, as evidenced by the opening of specialized casino esports facilities in Las Vegas and casino brands sponsoring some of the biggest esports teams.

The esports arenas at the Luxor Casino have received a lot of attention recently. However, there have also been cases like WinStar World Casino became the first esports casino to sponsor a team of players who play professionally.

According to the experts behind the online casino comparison siteMyOnlineCasinos In Spain, the scope of eSports goes beyond placing bets on live matches, and has reached the creation of slot games with themes such as CS:GO offered by Betway, which is also a sponsor of the Swedish professional team. Ninjas in Pajamas.

The expansion of betting companies into eSports is not something new

The expansion into esports came at a time when revenue from traditional games is declining. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released data in May 2019 indicating a 3,5% decline in gross gaming revenue generated on the Las Vegas Strip.

However, as the competitive gaming market grows to be worth a billion dollars in 2019, a number of casinos are beginning to consider how they can capitalize on the esports craze.

It should come as no surprise that Las Vegas, the self-proclaimed “casino capital of the world”, has so quickly incorporated esports into its entertainment offerings.

However, Las Vegas is not a complete novice when it comes to competitive gaming. The Evolution Championship Series has been held in the Las Vegas Valley since 2005. This video game tournament is now being held at MGM's Mandalay Bay resort casino due to its significant growth in size.

Many of the biggest names on the Strip have made moves to open their own kind of esports casino. Las Vegas brands like Caesars, Luxor and Downtown Grand have done everything from opening special gaming arenas to making their facilities available to traveling esports players.

We will see a more accentuated movement of online casinos towards eSports

In a growing market like eSports, there is no doubt that the interest in receiving a slice of the pie will become greater. We know what the trend is, so we wouldn't be surprised to see more eSports-influenced casino games and more sponsorships from international gaming brands.

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