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The WBC 2023 set the bar very high with assistance

This fifth edition moved more viewers than what happened in 2017

The next celebration of the World Baseball Classic will be in three years, but what was experienced over the course of 21 days in the four venues designated for it (Taichung, Tokyo, Phoenix and Miami) awoke to impressive levels the interest of the public to join the the party, fully reflected in crowded stages where each meeting was lived to the full.

And the balance for the organization of this event is more than satisfactory. Based on numbers provided by MLB, the total crowd that was at the 47 games of the WBC 2023 in both Taiwan, Japan and the US was 1.306.014 people, which represented an average of almost 28.000 fans per game (24% more than in 2017).

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Likewise, the five commitments that took place in the loanDepot park in Miami (Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the game for the Championship, which was left in the hands of the Japanese over the Americans) brought together nearly 180.000 individuals who bought their tickets to enter to this sports venue.

While on the Asian side, Tokyo was able to gather 361.976 people at the TokioDome and set a new record as host of the World Cup.

The game that had the most public in the first round of the WBC ended up being the Mexico-USA match at Chase Field in Phoenix, which brought together 47.534 fans.

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