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Panama laundered Italy and is still alive

Dodger prospect José Ramos broke the scoreline with a massive home run

Panama and Italy entered Saturday's game needing a win to keep their World Classic dreams alive. Both played as if their lives depended on it, but ultimately Panama prevailed 2-0.


A four-pitcher combination put zeros on the board for the Panama team, starting with former Minor League pitcher Harold Arauz. The right-hander pitched four innings, striking out three and allowing just two hits.

Humberto Mejía continued to dominate and posted another two zeroes, the pitcher Alberto Baldonado scored another two and Javy Guerra closed the game.

Of course, the game was always for either of them.

Italy starter Michele Vassalotti pitched four innings, striking out three and giving up just two hits. But one of those was a massive solo home run by Dodgers prospect José Ramos that opened the scoring.

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They also played amazing defense. Dominic Fletcher made a Willie Mays-style catch in right field, Robel Garcia dived to third and, perhaps best of all, it was Nicky Lopez's dive and somersault to start a rally-ending double play in the fourth inning. .

This helped Italian relievers Sam Gaviglio and Matteo Bocchi give up just one run in four innings on Allen Córdoba's single in the seventh.

Panama has completed the first round and now has a 2-2 record. Italy is placed 1-2 with one game left against the Netherlands (2-0), which will be on Sunday.

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