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Willson Contreras drove the Cubs to victory

The Venezuelan towed three of the six races of the team from the "city of the winds"

The Venezuelan Willson Contreras, of the Chicago puppies, recorded a great Sunday with the wood against the St. Louis Cardinals.

"Willy" drove in three races on this Sunday day. The most important of them was in the upper part of the 10th. chapter that in the end represented the hairline of the difference.

On this day, the Venezuelan catcher, who will probably change things this season, went 5-2 to leave his average at .268.

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In addition to Willson Contreras, Rafael "Balita" Ortega drove in a couple of runs. For his part, Juan Yépez hit his seventh home run of the year.

The Pots won their 28th victory (28-45) of the campaign and gave the Cardinals a stumble, a team that is in a tough fight with the Milwaukee Brewers in order to stay at the top of the National League Central Division.

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