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Tigres started their preseason

Just 10 days before the start of the 2021-2022 LVBP season, the Tigres de Aragua took to the field to start their preseason.

For the first day of practices, at the José Pérez Colmenares de Maracay, the following were presented:


  • Kevin Aponte
  • Carlos Arroyo
  • Eduard pinto
  • Eduardo Sosa - Guest


  • Edwin garcia
  • Deiner Lopez
  • Carlos Paraguate - Guest
  • Ezequiel Alfonzo - Guest
  • Alfredo Angarita (UT) - Guest


  • Ramon Cabrera
  • Wilfredo Gimenez
  • Gersel Pitre


  • Francisco Carrillo (RHP)
  • Alexis Tapia (RHP)
  • Alvaro Seijas (RHP)
  • José Díaz (RHP) - Guest
  • Eduardo Figueroa (RHP)
  • Ramon Garcia (RHP)
  • Jeremis Herrera (RHP)
  • Osmer Morales (RHP)
  • William Moscoso (RHP)
  • Angelo Palumbo (RHP)
  • Maiker Pinto (RHP) Guest
  • Adonis Villavicencio Guest
  • Elio Silva (LHP)
  • Angel Padrón (LHP)
  • Ismael Guillon (LHP)
  • Dedgar Jimenez (LHP)
  • Dennis Herrera (LHP) Guest
  • Edgar Ibarra (LHP) Guest

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“There are a lot of young people, that means new changes and a restructuring, last year we were one game away from going to the final but we were inconsistent in the bullpen. This year we armored ourselves and got off to a good start from day one, ”said experienced starter Guillermo Moscoso.

The Bengalis will start the campaign at home, hosting the Lions of Caracas on Saturday 23.

Due to the OFAC sanctions, Tigres will play again without being able to add players belonging to the MLB system.

And therefore it will have up to six imported: Denis Phipps (OF), Logan Durán (LD), Frank Madan (LD), Broussard Geoff (LD), Elih Villanueva (LD) and Raico Santos (OF).

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