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The moment of truth has arrived at the LMBP 2022

Today begins the postseason phase where Sailors and Senators point as favorites

Starting today at the José Bernardo Pérez in Valencia and the Macuto Forum, the 2022 postseason round of the Venezuelan Major League Baseball with the semifinals between Marineros de Carabobo against LíderIt is from Miranda and Delfines de La Guaira against Senators from Caracas.

Yesterday, it was learned by the LMBP Disciplinary Commission that the coastal team took second place in the general table of the "all against all" stage after Chiefs of the District did not want to dispute the duel pending with the cetaceans at the University Stadium of the UCV that was suspended on Thursday due to government measures against the tropical cyclone that passed through the coastal areas of the country.

And in that sense, the authorities ruled that Caciques did not comply with the rules of the tournament and with which, it made it easier for the guaireños to place themselves as mathematical escorts of those from Valencia in the general classification.

Three teams added a global record of 25 wins and 17 losses in 42 games, but Marineros won their particular series with the teams involved in the distribution of positions for the semifinals of the championship and thus the key begins with Líderit is in his fiefdom.

It is the second time that the Valencians have obtained this privilege in a row and makes it clear that their objective is to secure one of the two places in the grand final of the campaign.

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The last day of the regular calendar that took place this past Thursday concluded with the victory of Marineros by 5-3 over Delfines in the Macuto Forum, while Caciques beat 5-4 LíderIt is in José Pérez Colmenares de Maracay. Samanes de Aragua said goodbye to the 2022 harvest with a 4-1 victory against Guerreros del Caribe at the José Bernardo Pérez.

It should be noted that these semifinals (with a scheduled start time of 5:30 pm) will be played as the best of five games with a rest day in between and Senators will use Jorge Luis García Carneiro as their venue for the entire postseason.

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