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The Turkish ship announced its first three imports

With the first week of training underway, the board of the Magellan Boaters announced its first three imports looking to plant the best lineup during the regular season.

The Turkish ship acquired the launchers Adrian Salcedo y Eduard reyes while Rosa Garabez it will be part of the infield. “It is a very good experience to return to Magallanes, thank God I am healthy and I hope to be with the team all the way to contribute to the cause and try to be champion”, said Salcedo who had his time with Magallanes during the season. 2015-2016 where he finished with a 0.82 ERA.

On the other hand, the right Eduard Reyes comes from being one of the key pillars of the set of New Jersey in the Can Am League where he was crowned champion, registering 88 strikeouts, 51 runs (44 clean) and a record of 9-4 in 17 appearances.

While Garabez Rosa will be a plus for the manager Enrique Reyes, who will seek to exploit his defensive ability throughout the interior of the Turkish ship. “I can easily get around the infield. Last year I was in the United States with Baltimore and I played all positions,” Rosa told the Navegantes press department.

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