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Astros and the dilemma of using Yordan Álvarez in the gardens

as a newbie, Yordan Alvarez He was one of the best designated hitters in the American League in 2019. The Cuban bat was a weapon for the Astros all season and the slugger may be recognized as the American League Rookie of the Year after slamming 27 home runs in just 87 games.

But now that the World Series has moved to Washington, the Astros will not have the DH due to the rules of the National League. That leaves in doubt Álvarez's role for a team of Houston reaches Game 3 on Friday at the Nationals park with a disadvantage of 0-2.

The decision will depend on how much the manager trusts AJ Hinch on Alvarez's ability to patrol the left woods.

After going 22-for-1 in the American League Championship Series, Álvarez had better at-bats in the first two games of the Fall Classic. He went 1-for-3 with a walk in Game 2 and had another hit in Game 2.

"I think we need all the offense that we can get, especially with running backs in scoring position," Hinch said. "But I also think it's wise when you're up against a team like the Nationals who put the ball in play and challenge you with a fast style of play, [think] about the other side of the ball as well."

Alvarez has played just 66 innings in the outfield this season and the results haven't been great. Hinch indicated he was leaning toward sitting Alvarez for Game 3, but that doesn't mean the Cuban slugger won't see action or start the other two games.

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