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Pete Alonso opens foundation: "Homers for Heroes"

In difficult times, the greatness of some people comes to light and it is just the example that Pete Alonso has given by launching the “Homers for Heroes” foundation, together with the support of his wife Haley Walsh. The corporation is prepared to start a first phase in which it helps those who have been most affected by COVID-19.

“We feel like we need to step up and help in any way we can. As the world has changed, we are reminded of our most basic value, we all depend on each other to restore a healthy community,” the New York Mets first baseman told reporter Deesha to the Daily News.

From there, the bigleaguer seeks to start his foundation to add more joy to people in need, focusing mainly on donating money to local schools, community centers and food banks. “As our lives have changed, we have been continually struck by the acts of kindness and humanity that we have seen emerge, from doctors working long hours to people taking care of their neighbors and many more stories,” the slugger said.

Likewise, another of the mission is to nominate a hero in the community describing why this person deserves some recognition through the foundation's web portal and thus inspire others to help others. "Heroes are more than they seem," said Alonso, who trusts in the goodness of human beings.

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