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On the ball | Only one target in M. Blancas lineup

"My girlfriend is very similar to a math book, because it is full of operations" ... Anonymous.-

As is customary, today Wednesday is Post Office Day. Remember to inform from which town or city you are writing. Thank you.
Kiliam Rasmussen from Savannah, Georgia Asks… "How can I connect with some Major League Baseball players to attend a charity that I organize?"

Friend Yiyan ...: The bigleaguers are generally very fond of providing that kind of collaboration. The best way to connect them is through your agents. They are the ones you should communicate with first. It is part of its mechanisms.

José B. Lagos C. from San Cristóbal, asks…: “How do Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa appear in the record books?”:

Friend Pepe ...: They appear like everyone else, because they did consume steroids, but when they were not prohibited. Their crime was another: lying before the United States Congress, stating that they had never been applied.

Ramón Acevedo C. de Mexicali says…: “I was very moved by the tender story about Mr. Salvador Pérez, who was born and raised in a very humble family, and has become the best catcher, number one in races produced in one season (121), as well as setting a new home run record for a catcher (48), surpassing the one set 50 years ago by Johnny Bench, the historic Hall of Famer.

Oscar A. López, from Caracas, comments…: “On Sunday, October 10, the White Sox presented a line-up with eight Latin Americans among the 10 who opened the game against the Astros. Only two Americans were accompanying four Cubans, two Dominicans and two Venezuelans. Latin and black flavor, since only one white appeared in that group of blacks and mulattos. Possibly a unique record in Major League Baseball, isn't it?

Amigo Caro…: Yes, it is a unique case.

Humberto J. González Guarapano, from Aragua de Barcelona, ​​asks…: I like that acidic, direct and concise way of saying things. Aren't you afraid of being vetoed by MLB, by the Commissioner or by some other baseball personer, because of how you talk about them. Have you received threats in this regard?

Friend Beto ...: Freedom of the press prevents me from being vetoed. I have never been threatened, but they have offered me jobs with very high fees, which I have not accepted, because a muzzle of arepas would bother me a lot.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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