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Omar López: I am solely responsible

The pilot asked for gratitude for his players who "left their souls on the field for Venezuela"

"I will not allow my players to be judged," Omar López wrote this Monday, on his Instagram account. The strategist allowed himself to reflect on what was the elimination of Venezuela in the quarterfinals of the World Classic.

"Possibly many will believe that this has not affected me, that it will not mean a very big stigma in my life... (But no) This ship was mine and I assume all the consequences," wrote the pilot in the sense of message.

"There will be NO ONE who calls himself Venezuelan, who has a Venezuelan passport or identity card, who hurts this moment more than me," he added. 

Omar López made specific reference to Silvino Bracho, who ended up receiving the Grand Slam from Trea Turner that sentenced Venezuela.

"Silvino cannot be judged... I was the one who made the decision and I am the only one responsible," added the strategist, who had already spoken about his controversial decision at the post-match press conference.

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Respect for your players

Among other things, Omar López asked for gratitude for his players who "left their souls on the field to represent Venezuela." He also admitted that seeing their faces after the defeat was the most difficult.

"I ask you with all my heart, to applaud all those boys who played like children... Applaud those boys who gave sublime days to all Venezuelans in the world," he said.

Likewise, he expressed his gratitude to Miguel Cabrera, Salvador Pérez and José Altuve who were the líderHe is from the team since before the start of the tournament. And he reiterated that there is a promising future for Venezuelan baseball. 

I'm not lying to you, at the beginning very few trusted this team, but each one of you guys sent a strong message to our country... Commitment and Dedication were the key for a country to believe in us.

I want to thank those in charge of organizing this event, Professor Aracelis Leon and all his staff from the Federation, logistics, operations, my coaching staff and all those behind-the-scenes staff who managed to keep us day by day in the classic.

To all of Venezuela!!

Today and for a long time there will be NOBODY who calls himself Venezuelan, who has a passport or Venezuelan ID and this moment does not hurt more than me.

I wanted to be the Classic Champion, for my family, for my father, for my country, for the professional pride of raising our flag at the top of world baseball.

So I repeat, I take full responsibility. And I hope that life and GOD make us overcome these moments with future achievements, with the same level of love, delivery and commitment for our country.


  1. Thanks to Mr. OMAR LOPEZ, coaches, to all the doctors, TO THE BAT BOY, TO ALL THOSE PLAYERS who fought since they were children to get there and thanks for making me feel more Venezuelan than ever. hugs

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