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Mike Trout hit the longest home run of the year

Outfielder Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels, hit the longest home run of the nascent Major League Baseball (MLB) season on Thursday night.

In his first at-bat, on a favorable count (1-3), the 30-year-old star ranger took a pitch from Dane Dunning, starter for the Texas Rangers, all over center field.

According to Baseball SavantTrout's connection posted an exit speed of 112.9 miles per hour and traveled 472 feet at Globe Life Field.

“Wow! That ball came out fast and with a lot of sound, ”said Joe Maddon, manager of the Angels, picked up the portal of The majors.

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Despite the dantesque hit and the one with the longest run in the nascent campaign, it is not the first time that Trout has hit a home run of more than 400 feet.

The aforementioned MLB Spanish medium specified that Trout has five home runs above 400 feet, the longest being 486, in his career.

However, the líder in this department, since the Statcast was implemented in 2015, it is Giancarlo Stanton with nine home runs of 400 or more feet.

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