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Miggy equaled Ted Williams' RBI mark

The pride of La Pedrera was 19 hits from the record of the Japanese Ichiro Suzuki

The Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera (Miggy), emblem of the Detroit Tigers, drove in his 1.839 career this Saturday night to equal the mark of the immortal Ted Williams, according to the numbers of baseball reference.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Miggy singled to right field to score Javier Báez from second.

With this unstoppable, the pride of La Pedrera, Aragua state, reached 3.070 hits and was 19 hits behind the record of Japanese Ichiro Suzuki.

However, the Venezuelan could not prevent the fall of his team.

Strap Time!

The Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, brand new acquisition of the Minnesota Twins, hit his 12th home run of the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season.

At the top of the third inning, the star shortstop took advantage of a high changeup from Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Pineda to get the ball out of the park.

According to Baseball Savant, the Puerto Rican's connection recorded a departure speed of 103.6 miles per hour and traveled 426 feet.

Thanks to a home run, the native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, recorded his 34th RBI of the campaign.

Carlos Correa, who signed a 3-year contract and 105.3 million dollars, has had various problems this season, after receiving a ball in one of his hands and then contracting Covid-19.

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For his part, Venezuelan Luis Arráez went 5-3 and drove in two runs in this game.

Twins, líderis from the Central Division of the American League, they stayed with this challenge (8 to 4) to place their mark at 51-44.


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