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Mendoza: "The experience was needed"

Lara's manager pointed out that the team has had two different seasons

Carlos Mendoza has earned respect and leadership in the Cardenales de Lara clubhouse. The mere presence of him on the field of Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez de Barquisimeto, this is what he demonstrates.

With a fixed look at his boys' training sessions, prior to the match they played on Wednesday against Leones, the Yankees bench coach, under the incandescent sun that accompanied the Lara afternoon, and pilot of the red birds took stock of what What has this semifinal been for them?

While watching Hernán Pérez, the team's offensive figure in this Round Robin, the strategist is aware that the Cardenales have not played well and there is their negative record at this stage.

“We have been an inconsistent team,” Mendoza highlighted. "Regardless of the team's casualties due to injuries or personal issues, we haven't played good baseball," he added.
Defensively, the Cardenales hasn't been the shadow of what it was during the regular season. With 15 errors they present the third highest figure among those classified; In addition, they have not been able to produce as they did in the season.

“We have practically had two different seasons. A regular round almost wonderful and a round robin where we have paid the price for mistakes”, highlighted the boss.

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For Carlos Mendoza, this was the second season in charge of the Cardenales and according to his perspective, the Lara organization improved the depth of the team compared to the 21-22 contest.

“The depth of the team was what kept us in contention throughout the season,” Mendoza said. "Every time we were down, we always had another player who could do the job."

Now, it is true that the Cardenales squad has been rejuvenated with Jecksson Flores, Javier Sanoja, Juniel Querecuto, among others; however, experience was needed at this crucial stage for the crepusculars.

"Those veterans who are called to show their faces in this instance were needed by us."

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