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López: "We are beaten, we must raise our heads"

The manager Vinotinto assured that Team Beisbol stood firm in the match against the United States team

The manager of the Vinotinto team, Omar López, spoke to the press after the match against Team United States in the World Baseball Classic.

During the meeting with the media, López assured that the match was hard fought by the Venezuelan team, in turn he explained how the pitcher change process was in the eighth inning.

"I left Quijada to try to get Alvarado ready, Silvino was the one who was ready and that was the change I made," he said.

The strategist praised the relief work of Luis García and José Ruiz who kept the bats for the United States.

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“The advantage is that we had Luis García and José Ruiz complied in the transition between one and the other. They both gave us the chance to stay in the game," said the Venezuelan pilot.

The Vinotinto manager also assured that Team Baseball remained firm and that defeat must be accepted.

“It's frustrating when a team battles from start to finish, but this is baseball and one detail changes the game's history. We must assume it, like men, raise our heads, ”he said.

"We are well beaten, I would have exchanged a victory in the first phase for today's, but I repeat, this is baseball," López concluded.


  1. I die with my horse Alvarado I bring him from the 8th the manager was wrong there was the defeat of Venezuela

  2. Friend López, I really don't understand if the pitcher is doing his job because he has to take him out of the game. I think he had to give more chance for the pitcher who was preparing to be well in the warm-up of course without underestimating anyone but always the same mistake is made and that is why defeats come

  3. In a game of such magnitude there is no tomorrow and debacles happen as it is because of the small details. Ready or Not!!! The man in the inning was Alvarado, regardless of the fact that they could also have hit him with the home run, he could too. To have taken out the missing outs and the story would be another

  4. The team's performance was excellent. Unfortunately, one must lose and it was us, but still, your fight was wonderful. My extensive congratulations to the entire team, thank you, thank you, thank you for your great performance.

  5. You voted the game. You had two puchers in the bullpen, one for 8th and the other for 3l 9th. Accept your mistake.

  6. It's baseball like this but without playing anyone but why not bring Silvino Bracho in weighing the eighth inning since Quijada had taken out the 7th with a strikeout since it was not easy to come with the bases loaded and without auos

  7. Nothing to criticize, on the contrary, I feel very proud as a Venezuelan to have had a great Venezuelan Team that knew how to represent Venezuela. I congratulate the Leaders, players and all those who made this achievement possible. God bless you all

  8. For me what happened is normal, the ball is round and beating the USA with a great team like the one they brought is almost impossible, I don't think they will be stopped for this final, since the players are almost 100% fit, although in nothing is written in baseball, but it is the logical one to take the cup. My team is and will be Venezuela, but this is a reality, they showed up to take the title of champion and that is what they will do.

  9. Good afternoon, nothing to criticize, the team was up to the task, unfortunately Silvino got the ball in the potato and he didn't waste it on the USA team, they are all major leagues, more than proven for the friend who says that Silvino should have seen it just starting In the inning I remind you that the pitcher must face at least three players for that reason I did not enter before maybe I should have entered against Realmuto but baseball is like that

  10. I had to bring Silvino against Tucker in the 7th and leave the 8th to him, since you lost Ruiz early for not bringing Luis García x Martin Pérez at once! It's my way of thinking, I think losing Ruiz so early was not a good idea!

  11. Nothing to regret, the whole team gave 100% on the field, I feel immensely proud of the performance of these boys in the classic, thank you for giving us so many emotions, God bless you and let's go

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