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The champion left Centauros on the ground

Senators from Caracas obtained their second victory at home

Bottom of the tenth inning, bases loaded, count of 3 and 2, and... BALL! Carlos Machado negotiated a passport to boost Cristhian Pedroza from third and leave the Centauros de La Guaira on the field after an electrifying game at the University Stadium in Caracas, where the capital's got their second victory of the season.

The board was finally 3 runs to 2, after eight and a half innings with the score 1×0 and with a no hit no run at the door of the Senate.

The champion replied

However, the champion responded late in the game and with one out in the ninth, Humberto Arteaga had an unstoppable shot to break the no-hitter, Alberto González walked and Oswaldo Arcia hit to left field to even the score.

Although the attack continued in that inning, it was not until the tenth that those led by manager Víctor Gárate managed to achieve victory.

Centauros regained the lead after a defensive error by Senadores that allowed Carlos Durán to score from second base, where the inning under the Pan-American rule began.

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Right-hander Ricardo Rodríguez managed to retire the inning without major damage, allowing the offense to close with a successful attack.

Anthony Jiménez started at second on the rule, Arvincent Pérez advanced him to third with a groundout to shortstop and Cristhian Pedroza hit center unstoppable to even the score at 2×2.

Sosa hit to right and Arteaga walked to load the bases and leave the table served for the next batter.

The turn was for Efrain Osorio, but Gárate moved his pieces and called from the bench the right-hander Carlos Machado, who earned a spot on the team's roster after working hard in the preseason.

Machado battled the turn, and after several fouls and bringing the count to 3 and 2, he received the fourth foul to start the celebration of the second victory of the season for Senators.

The award went to Ricardo Rodríguez (1-0), while Elis Jiménez (0-1) took the loss. Logan Durán (LF), Dedgar Jiménez (LHP), Iván Hernández (LF), Félix Carvallo (LHP) and Eduardo Paredes (LF) combined to put in a good job of nine innings and just one earned run.

undefeated at home

The victory also allows the team to win its first two games at home to face the Caciques de Distrito in the Ciudad Universitaria park, but this time as a visitor.

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