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Senators came back against Caciques at the UCV

Those guided by Víctor Gárate won the victory after the extrainning

Senadores de Caracas ended the good streak that Caciques had been reaping, this Saturday they made a spectacular comeback in the UCV park, in the Venezuelan capital.

Caciques wanted to add another victory and was close to achieving it. In the fifth inning, Dennicher Carrasco hit his ninth home run of the season and became the figure with the most home runs in the LMBP, beyond the Dominican's personal best, he drove in two runs.

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Those from the Capital District had an advantage over their rival, they were up on the scoreboard 7-1.

For the seventh inning, Cristhian Pedroza scored by mistake on a shortstop shot, thus Samanes recorded his second run of the night.

Jordany Valdespin had a big surprise for the ninth rival, the foreigner hit a three-run shot and put Caciques in check.

After a hit by Pedroza, José Caracas scored and equalized the actions. Forcing the match to be decided in extrainning.

Jesús Sucre hit to tow Gabriel Noriega, this put an end to the game and Senadores won the victory.

On Sunday, both teams will meet again in the city of Caracas at 1:00 PM

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