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Samanes obtained his first victory in the LMBP

The Aragüeños whitewashed Dolphins of La Guaira

Samanes de Aragua and Delfines de La Guaira met again in Macuto where the Gigante de Aragua achieved its first victory of the campaign by way of a shutout by defeating the guaireños 8×0.

In the upper part of the third inning, the Samanera troop opened the scoreboard for the match after a shooting error by third baseman, Anthony Concepción, on a ground ball produced by Miguel Contreras where Alex Monsalve scored.

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Those led by Aaron Baldiris extended their advantage to four races at the beginning of the seventh stage commanded by Adrián Alfaro with a sacrifice fly, then a tug double from a hairline courtesy of Omar Carrizales and Alex Monsalve with a line to the left meadow were in charge of manufacturing the Aragonese annotations. For the following inning, the samaneros bats pounded the opposing pitching to decree the final victory 8×0.

Samanes had a good relief on the day, who kept the guaireños at 0 from the start of the opener. Those who shone from the mound for the Giant of Aragua were the youth José Guzmán, Jesús Yépez, Wuilder Rodríguez, Arcenio León, Eduardo Sánchez, Fabian Blanco, Wilser Barrios and José Mayo.

Alexis Candelario, starter of the game, worked for two innings and two thirds where he only allowed one hit and struck out three.

Youth Yoiber Ruiz and José Guzmán debuted with the team to become the eighth and ninth youth player in Samanes history, respectively, to see action with the team.

Samanes will debut this Saturday at José Pérez Colmenares in Maracay when he receives a visit from Lideres de Miranda at 4:30 PM.

Wuilder Rodríguez claimed the victory and the defeat went to Gregory Infante (0-1).

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