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Líderhe hit back at Guerreros

Carlos García's men relied on a dominant pitching to add their first victory

Under the warm climate of the garden city, LíderEs de Miranda won this Friday 7-1 against Guerreros del Caribe to achieve his first victory of the regular season.

The locals quickly deciphered Manny Correa's pitches in the first inning itself and went ahead with two runs after a home run by Ronny Cedeño.

In the third inning, they extended the lead to 5-1 with a base-sweeping double by Frank Diaz.

Later, in the fifth inning, they added a sixth line with a hit by Carlos Arroyo and an error from center field. Two innings later they put the icing on the cake with a hit by Tomás Morales.

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“This is the team we all expect, good pitching and a productive offense. Today's work was excellent”, valued the manager of LíderIt's Carlos Garcia.

Jesús Castillo left without a decision but left a huge sensation in the coaching staff; because he only allowed one earned run in three innings.

Luis Torres, Randy Valladares, Alfred Gutiérrez, Ricardo Gómez and Alexis Tapia combined to withdraw the remaining 15 outs to seal the win.

Valladares claimed the victory with a great relay, while Manny Correa took the loss.

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